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Experience the profound love of parenthood with Vatsalya Natural IVF in Nepal, your trusted partner on the journey to creating joyful families and nurturing hope. Our name, "Vatsalya," encapsulates the boundless love parents feel for their children, embodying the essence of our mission in Nepal.

Founded by a dynamic group of young entrepreneurs and distinguished medical professionals, Vatsalya Natural IVF is driven by a commitment to deliver world-class infertility treatment in Nepal. With over 15 years of global expertise in Nepal addressing infertility challenges, we stand as architects of joy, creating families and safeguarding hope for aspiring parents.

Vatsalya Natural IVF serves as the ultimate destination for comprehensive infertility solutions in Nepal. Our state-of-the-art clinic, strategically located in Kathmandu, Nepal, is dedicated solely to offering cutting-edge infertility treatments. Boasting an exceptional team of doctors, nurses, and embryologists, coupled with top-notch facilities, Vatsalya Natural IVF sets an unparalleled standard for success rates in IVF in Nepal.

Choose Vatsalya Natural IVF in Nepal for a holistic and compassionate approach to IVF treatment, where expertise meets unwavering commitment on your path to parenthood.


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Our experienced and the most trusted Doctors

Dr. Akriti Bharati

MD, Obs/Gyn, KMC,
Observership, Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology,
University of Ulm, Germany.

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Dr. Nija Rajbhandari

MD Obs/Gyn from College of Medical Sciences (COMS)
1 Year Fellowship in ART from Ajanta Hospital and IVF Center in India

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Dr. Pratikshya Pandey

MBBS, Kathmandu School of Medical Sciences
Obstetrics & Gynecology, MD, National Medical College (T.U.)

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Dr. Upama Basnet

Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MBBS, Nepalgunj Medical College
5 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology

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Dr. Lata Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal Medical College, MD/MS in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Philippines,
1 year fellowship in reproductive medicine(ART) Hegde Hospital, India

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Dr. Husneyara Haque

MBBS degree from Liaquat University, Pakistan
In the field of gynecology for more than nine years

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Dr. Asmita Pandey

MBBS, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
MD, Obs/Gyn, Kathmandu Medical College,
1 Year Fellowship in Lilavati Hospital
Diploma in Reproductive Medicine, Germany

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Dr. Dipti Das

MD, Obs/Gyn, AIIMS, India
2 years fellowship in Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre, Bangalore, India

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Who needs to visit the
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  • Couples who cannot conceive naturally
  • Couples with recurrent pregnancy losses
  • Couples carrying genetically inherited disorders
  • Men with fertility issues
  • Women having problems conceiving due to ovarian causes
  • Couple suffering from STDs
  • Cancer patients who want to preserve their eggs
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