Why Vatsalya

Vatsalya is a team of highly motivated people dedicated towards providing bespoke customer service experience in the field of infertility treatments in Nepal. Achieving a success rate beyond the normal industry standard in a very short span of time is what makes us special.

Besides there are numerous factors to be considered while choosing the best infertility center where your dreams of a complete family unfilled for several years would come true. With an intensive research on customer needs, prevailing infertility conditions, technological needs and customer experiences we have created a unique medical center with state-of-the-art technologies and facilities.

Explore our specialties that makes us the most preferred infertility treatment center in Nepal.

High Success Rate

Affection towards offspring is what Vatsalya means and we put in all our dedicated efforts to assure you the highest likelihood of taking home a healthy baby. Amongst majority of the operating clinics, we stand out in our success rate by more than two folds in numbers in achieving the positive results.

Success rates vary in the context of patient and treatment characteristics, such as age, infertility diagnosis, number of embryos transferred, type of assisted reproductive technology procedure, use of techniques such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, and history of previous births, miscarriages, and cycles. We have brought forward results in achieving success in women in their late years of marriage from 30 to ones who are in their menopause phase. It is for this reason that we have attained a high ranking in less than two years period.

It has been a joyful journey for us to see the delightful teary eyes of our patients who had once walked in with their respective infertility issues. We ensured to thoroughly examine the problem and approach with the most effective treatment based on individual attention to achieve success.

Team of Experts

Our team is led by our dynamic leaders, Mr. Prashant Subedi and Ms. Shristi Khadka who take a whole-of-body approach to your fertility investigations and treatment. They are responsible for getting new patients scheduled for telephone or in-person appointments with a physician, helping obtain medical records for the physician consultation and advising patients about the process.

Our processes are a reflection of our integral values, that is to provide the safest and scientifically most advanced IVF treatment in Nepal with utmost care meeting the ethical standards of the world. Our highly qualified and experienced team of infertility doctors/specialists, who have achieved awards in international academic excellence, understand the excruciating stress that a couple seeking infertility treatment go through.

The core ideals within the team of skilled obstetricians, gynecologists, embryologists and endocrinologists revolves around our dedicated commitment to your goal – that is taking home a healthy baby.

Individualized Care

At Vatsalya, we endeavor to provide a unique and bespoke medical experience. We are cognizant of the fact that one size does not fit all, especially when one considers infertility treatment, as the cause varies from case to case viz. excess consumption of alcohol or tobacco, sedentary lifestyle, male infertility etc.

Hence, a thorough examination of every patient’s personalized history is done to identify unique causes. This helps us develop a customized treatment plan for every patient bearing in mind the specific case history and physiological needs. All consultations are held in intuitively designed spaces in our clinics that take care of the psychological needs of the aggrieved patient.

Once patients are allocated a treatment plan, follow-ups from time to time are carried out to ensure optimum health of the patients undergoing treatment. Reminders for vital activities conducive for conception of a child are made periodically.

We truly believe in this personalized mode of treatment, which is why our doctors give ample attention to listen to every minute detail that the patient might share at the time of consultation. Caring doctors & intuitive consultation process, correct diagnosis, an appropriately designed treatment plan and effective functioning during the treatment process are our forte at Vatsalya.

Affordable Cost

Vatsalya IVF Center, since its inception, has focused on providing International level Infertility service to people of Nepal so that they don’t need to take the hassle of traveling to international land. All the facilities and equipment available in other countries can be availed at Vatsalya at much affordable price. Besides, the patients even don’t need to worry about places to stay, languages to use to communicate with the doctors and explain the problems properly, follow-up with the doctors on frequent intervals etc. as the services are available locally.

At Vatsalya, we try to minimize the cost right from the first day of your visit. A detailed conversation with the patients helps the doctors understand their background to a greater extent. As every care is taken during the early consultation, problem identification and personalized treatment planning, the IVF costs that an individual undertakes is a bare minimum at Vatsalya. Providing economically suited treatment plans executed by a highly trained team of specialists in an intuitively designed clinic space is what truly defines specialty of Vatsalya. The costs of treatment would differ from case to case and patient to patient, but are highly affordable. The range can vary from NPR 12000 for IUI to about NPR 400000 for extremely complicated IVF cases.

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Technologies & Facilities

We understand the traumatic journey of infertility very well. All the Hopes lost and ability to fight back with problems has to be restored, all along with customized infertility treatment plans for attaining success. Hence, due care has been taken to design the facilities of Vatsalya where patients can feel well received during visits, putting forward queries, discussing problems with doctors or specialist in details without any fear or discomfort and feel peace of mind throughout the treatment process. Coupled with a color scheme that soothes frayed nerves and helps one to relax to be able to totally confide in our specialists, we have allocated high emphasis on cleanliness, laboratory facilities, waiting halls, free personal counseling and many others.

In order to tackle the hassles faced by our customers and provide better service experiences, we encourage pre-appointments for availing our services. Appointments can be made over phone or through online mediums like our official website or social medias (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram).

Vatsalya has a range of latest equipment for IUI, IVF, ICSI, Laser Assisted Hatching and Andrology services. Besides, there are different state-of-the-art technologies like Hysterosalpingography to check for possible tubal blockage, Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy for viewing internal reproductive organs, vitrification for preserving eggs and embryos, Embryoscope and PGS for selecting best embryo for transfer, ERA to opt the capacity of a uterus to accept embryos, Advanced Ultrasound Machines etc. to increase the chances of pregnancy and attain higher success rate.