Sperm Donor Treatment

Donor insemination leads to a beautiful path of parenthood. Taking up sperm donor treatment to get pregnant is an important decision as to when taking up the challenge one has to go through a several of stressful cycles. On the other hand, the process also flows in joy, hope and excitement. And a couple who are moving forward with the decision, are often scared to go through the process alone. Hence, Vatsalya, always welcome these couple for proper consultation. As we understand the need to discuss the complexity and success stories before proceeding with the donor sperm insemination process.

Overview of Sperm Donor Treatment

Sperm donor treatment is a procedure in which the couple uses the donated sperm for childbirth. Donated sperm is then later injected into a woman’s reproductive organ through IUI with donor sperm and IVF sperm donor process.

A man who donates sperm remains anonymous to the receipt. If a sperm is donated by a known person than it’s known as direct donations. Before taking up the sperm donor treatment process, the patients are screened for medical conditions and other risk factors.

Donor sperm insemination process

IUI with sperm donor success rates or IVF with donor sperm success rates cannot be achieved until all the three stages are attained:

  • Preparation of choice of donor – An unknown donor is selected according to the suitable criteria – height, weight, blood type, education, hobbies and color. Patients are given the option to select the donor as per the requirements.
  • Stimulation & control of ovaries – Hormonal stimulation increases the mature number of mature follicles in an ovary. This increases the chance of pregnancy. During the donor sperm insemination process, the doctor shall monitor the growth of follicles until they reach the desired size. Then the hormone is injected to induce ovulation.
  • Insemination/IVF – During the ovulation period, spermatozoids of the donor are placed into a thin cannula and inserted into the uterus.

Success rates of Donor Sperm Insemination process

The odds of success depend on several factors including:

  • The age of a female who is being inseminated.
  • Female presently suffering from fertility issues.
  • Types of fertility drugs used during the cycle.
  • Lifestyle and habits of female patients.
  • The health status of the male donor.
  • Types of insemination process (IUI or IVF).

Types of Sperm Donor Treatment

Donor sperm is used with IUI or IVF. If using the donor treatment with IVF procedure or IUI, you will still receive fertility medications for egg retrieval.

  1. IVF using sperm donor

IVF sperm donor process involves a high dose of fertility drugs encouraging a large amount of egg growth. These grown eggs are collected from the ovaries and then joined to the donated sperm using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The combination is kept in the laboratory for a few days before placing it to the women’s uterus.

IVF with donor sperm success stories rates from 8% to 25% per month depending on the age and other factors. For the couples with a basic fertility issue, the success rates are actually high, as nearly 80% of females conceive with IVF.

Worried about sperm donation for IVF? Well, Vatsalya, the best fertility clinic in Nepal, assists its patients in finding suitable sperm donors for their family progression.

IVF with donor sperm cost

IVF with a sperm donor in addition to the treatment cycle can cost a few thousands. If you are using a known sperm donor than the cost includes:

  • The preparation and counseling cost for donors, sperm testing, genetic testing, freezing cost, and storage cost.
  • Other costs consist of out of pocket expenses such as medicines, medical consultations, and other tests requested by the specialist.

Generally, IVF using donor sperm is an inexpensive method, but IVF donor sperm cost can vary as per the patient’s requirement. In case the female patients need extra medical attention, the cost can incline, for IVF with donor sperm cost related query you can contact Vatsalya.

  1. IUI using sperm donor

Artificial insemination with donor sperm is performed 7 days a week. Generally, for the natural insemination process, insemination is performed on each cycle to increase the chances of conception. The whole process may take up a period of 4-6 months to achieve a viable pregnancy. The second option of IUI with donor sperm is after failed IVF. Despite continuous failure with IVF, the chances of IUI success rate with donor sperm can somewhat bring in ovulation and pregnancy success.

IUI using donor sperm makes the whole treatment process simple and quick. Once the patient is ready, the professionals of Vatsalya will start to thaw the sperm. Like a routine test, a speculum is placed in the vagina. The taken sperm is loaded in a syringe with a small plastic tipped catheter which is passed through the cervix. Once the insemination is completed, the patient is suggested to take a break for a day before carrying the usual activities.

IUI success rates with frozen donor sperm under 40 years women are 10-15% per cycle. After 6 months of artificial insemination donor sperm process, about 50% of women get pregnant. However, patients even after 3-6 cycles receive no donor IUI success rates than its high time to consider other alternative fertility treatments to maximize the chance of getting pregnant in a short period.

Similarly, in a study of 400 women with IUI donor sperm, researchers identified the IUI with donor sperm success stories to be 17.2 percent. The rate was calculated over 1260 cycles.

Once the pregnancy occurs, it is no different than the natural pregnancy. Though the IUI with donor success stories is high, the risk of miscarriage or congenital defects also remains the same.

IUI sperm donor cost

IUI with frozen donor sperm can costs between few hundreds to few thousands or more. The costs can be vial for one donor sperm which is suitable for a single-cycle attempt. Generally, known donors do not ask for any financial compensation, but they need to go through endless medical screening, which can incline the total cost of IUI with donor sperm.

Even after completion of the medical screening, the sperm needs to be processed and stores which would additionally incline the donor insemination cost. Further, you may even need to even try a few cycles to get pregnant.

One must also consider the storage fee which would further add on the total cost of IUI with donor sperm. This cost needs to be paid every year to the fertility clinic, while few of them nay waive it.

In addition to the IUI with sperm donor cost you may also need to pay for the followings:

  • Consultation fees to the doctor or fertility clinic.
  • Possible legal fees.
  • Donor or the donation bank for the sperm.
  • Fertility drugs.
  • Costs incurred during the monitoring of the cycle (blood work, ultrasounds).
  • Sperm donor insemination procedures.

To know about the natural or artificial insemination sperm donor cost contact Vatsalya.

Risk of sperm donor insemination

Sperm donor insemination through fertility clinic is generally safe. If no or less fertility drugs are used, the potentiality of risks incline. However, the primary medical risk invited by donor insemination are risk of medical history and risk of medical history shared by the donor.

Alongside, sperm bank and fertility center are careful while screening the donors. Likewise, Vatsalya too carefully monitors the sperm donor before proceeding with the sperm donor insemination process.

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