Segmented IVF


The average number of men and women getting married and planning a perfect time for their first child is increasing rapidly. With the growing number of age and career attention, a large number of Nepalese pairs are facing difficulty in conceiving and opting for fertility treatment. Nowadays, career-oriented women are giving in more attention to freeze their eggs and conceive a child after settlement. So far IVF has helped several such couples conceive with success.

Segmented IVF is one of the recent developments that intends to increase its viability and effectiveness. It strongly works on the lines of traditional IVF with positive success and safety. 

We at Vatsalya, have gained high experience and adequate infrastructure to perform segmented IVF in Nepal. We have thoroughly practiced a segmented approach such as “Freeze all”, which cryopreserves all embryos generated in stimulated IVF for later use in non-stimulated natural cycle. So far, we have gained highest IVF success rate in Nepal.

Overview of Segmented IVF

In a traditional IVF method, females are given a high dose of injection to produce multiple eggs from the ovarian reserve. The matured eggs are retrieved through small incision and fertilized with sperm. Such fertilized eggs are stored for transfer in next menstrual cycle because the endometrial lining during the ovarian stimulation cycle is usually less favorable due to factors like change in the hormone, immunological disruption, and unfavorable progesterone/estrogen. These situations reduce the chances of implantation.  Segmented IVF process helps to overcome the issues of unconventional IVF. 

Initially, patients face the first round of mild IVF, where the segmented IVF segregates the procedure of egg collection and embryo transfer. In between the embryo transplant and the first cycle of treatment, the Segmented IVF process allows one to recover. In the segmented IVF cycle, the transfer of embryo is not practiced instead the embryos are frozen and used in the planned transfer cycle.

Process of Segmented IVF in Nepal

The segmented IVF in Nepal approach begins with the conventional session that takes about two weeks. The two-week wait IVF treated patients undergo monitored stimulation to produce multiple eggs in the ovaries. When the egg reaches a certain size, a small surgery is performed to collect it. These eggs are then fertilized to form embryos that will be frozen on the next stage by using a new form of a technology called vitrification. 

The IVF treated patient then shall visit Vatsalya to place the embryos back in the womb. Under the guidance of expert doctors and embryologists, females are monitored closely with proper medication. During this two-cycle IVF treatment, the uterus gets ready for implantation. The doctors soften the vitrified embryos and then gets it transferred to the frozen embryo.

What makes the segmented IVF cycle distinct?

In conventional IVF, the woman’s menstrual cycle is temporarily stopped before she is given higher stimulating drugs to mature the eggs. In this method, daily injections are given for nearly 3-4 weeks, where the maximum of 2-3 embryos are fertilized in a controlled chamber and then placed back to a female womb, while the remaining eggs are frozen. 

On the other hand, in the segmented IVF cycle, the extracted/fertilized eggs  are vitrified and transferred in the next cycle when the condition is natural.  The segmented IVF cycle eliminates the shortcoming issues and minimizes the chance of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS), making it an IVF with highest success rate. 

When is segmented IVF recommended?

Before proceeding with the mild IVF treatments, IVF clinics like Vatsalya shall suggest few feasibility tests. A segmented IVF treatment is recommended only in the following cases:

  • Genetic Disorder

    Any of the partners may suffer from the genetic illness, which may later get transferred to the child, Vatsalya through a safe method prevents the possible outcomes.
  • Impaired Sperm Production

    A sperm with low motility, low concentration, or abnormalities prevent fertilization of eggs. If such a problem exists, the partner should consult the specialist.
  • Unexplained infertility

    When no specific cause is identified in any of the partners, then the segmented IVF fertility cycle is recommended. 
  • Ovulation Disorders

    Fewer eggs, absence of ovulation is likely to cause premature ovarian failure. After 40, the ovaries fail to produce an egg, so to tackle the aging problems best IVF treatment plan is suggested.
  • Tubal sterilization or removal

    If a pair had tube ligation, then the hospitals for segmented IVF is the only choice to cure the problems. After the reversal of tube ligation, segmented IVF rises the chances of pregnancy. 
  • Damage of Fallopian Tube

    If the fallopian tube is severely damaged, or for no reason gets blocked, then segmented IVF in Nepal is the only option. Damage in fallopian makes it difficult for the sperm to travel to the embryo declining the possibility of conceiving. 
  • Endometriosis

    Fibroids are the tumor found in the walls of the uterus. These totally disrupt the functioning of fallopian tubes and ovaries, which highly affect the possibility of conception. 

How can Segmented IVF Cycle Fertility benefit the patients?

Over conventional IVF treatment, segmented IVF process has several advantages including:

  • Assures better health of embryo, mother and child.
  • Reduces the risk of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS).
  • Involves no stimulation of ovaries by using any medications and drugs.
  • It’s the IVF with the highest success rate as the frozen embryos have a higher chance of survival.
  • Absence of Human Gonadotrophin Hormone (hCG).
  • Reduces physical toll, emotional and psychological strains in couples suffering from infertility.

Segmented IVF Cost in Nepal

Segmented IVF centers in Nepal for the IVF treatment can cost a lot more than any straightforward techniques and medication. Unless the couple decides to use the donor eggs or surrogacy, the segmented IVF cost in Nepal remains the same as the cost of conventional IVF treatment. The whole of the segmented IVF cost depends on the number of cycles.

However, we at Vatsalya, the fertility experts are keener to assist the patients in making the right decision about the whole segmented IVF treatment. Although at an affordable cost, there are other health-related factors that should be taken into high consideration. To know more about the Segmented IVF Cost and the scope of services covered in the segmented IVF contact us!

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