Egg Donor Treatment

Getting pregnant with donor eggs? Taking up donor eggs, will the baby look like me? While taking up ovum donation, the couple faces several emotional and psychosocial challenges. They are not even sure of the chances of getting pregnant with donor eggs. The only thing they do is rely wholly on the ovum banks and the fertility experts to make them achieve the once stated impossibility i.e. attaining pregnancy after egg donation.

For infertile pair, human egg donation does act as a boon, therefore egg donor treatment at Vatsalya is safe, and holds a high success rate. 

An overview of egg donor treatment

An egg donor is a form of fertility treatment approached by the women, who are unable to produce their own eggs to get pregnant. In the process of ova donation, eggs from other women are used to help the infertile women conceive. This is a part of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and donor egg success rates over 40 percent even for females over 40 years old. The procedure typically involves the removal of eggs from the donor, fertilizing them in the laboratory, and then transferring them to the embryos into the recipient uterus. The entire procedure of implantation is carried out by In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and there is a minimum repeated implantation failure with donor eggs. 

Recommendation for donor egg treatment

IVF success rates over 40 with donor eggs is extremely high, therefore Vatsalya encourages female to tackle the infertility situations by recommending donor egg pregnancy treatment. Likewise, females who are not sure of donor embryo transfer success rates before taking up the donor treatment are given a series of consultation.  

We recommend IVF using donor eggs to:

  • Women carrying the risk of a genetic disorder.
  • Women with a low success rate on using their own eggs.
  • Women facing fertility challenge.
  • Women failing to produce their own eggs due to age, or premature menopause.
  • Women born without ovaries due to congenital anomaly.
  • Impaired ovarian reserve. 
  • Repeated failure of IVF treatment. 
  • Gay male couple opting to have a child with a surrogate.
  • A single male parent seeking surrogacy.

Criteria for Oocyte donation process 

Generally, for female egg donation, the age of donor’s range in between the age of 21 and 35 years. Women of this age respond better to fertility drugs and have a high-quality egg. To add more individual on the egg donation success rates, the donor should hold no genetic issues or infections such as HIV, and hepatitis C. So, before taking eggs a woman needs to undergo several processes such as:

Egg donor screening

A screening process to reduce the risk of congenital abnormalities and other associated risks. The egg donor screening process requires:

  • Application
  • Physical examination
  • Blood tests
  • Drug tests
  • Ultrasound to examine the reproductive organs
  • Psychological medical history
  • Screening of inherited diseases
  • Infectious disease screening

Psychological screening

Donating an egg is an emotional experience, so emotional stability is needed while donating eggs. Evaluating the donor’s mental health ensures the health of an unborn child, and to make sure the donor has made an informed decision for the donor egg IVF success. 

Vatsalya is the best egg donor agencies in Nepal. Before assigning eggs to any female receiver, we go through a series of processes to secure both the donor and receiver physically and mentally.

IVF with donor egg process step by step

  • Consultation

    One of our reproductive endocrinologists shall discuss the treatment options, and help you understand every aspect of treatment. If you decide to proceed with the donor ovum cycle, experts shall discuss more upon the treatment process including medical evaluation, and physical examination. Egg donor agencies before supplying eggs select the candidate from the pool and tentatively an egg donor is matched through FDA tests. The egg donor cost cannot be predicted until the right match is identified.
  • Cycle preparation

    To optimize the success chances, before the treatment, your doctor shall advise you to take several tests to identify and correct any abnormalities that could fail the IVF treatment. This includes detailed semen analysis, basic blood tests, thyroid function, and saline sonogram. The donor egg success rate for women over the age of 40 years is high, for that they need to take up a few additional screenings such as a mammogram. Success with donor eggs at 43 is also possible, but women after attaining the age of 50 faces high risk. If you're 45 years or older, you also have to take up additional tests such as diabetes (sugar), an EKG, and general consultation with an obstetrician who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. 
  • Selection of Donor

    Choosing a correct donor is really important and a uniquely personal decision. Once the donor is chosen, the donor coordinator shall confirm the egg donation process. 
  • Synchronization

    The cycle of donor and recipients must be synchronized so that the recipient’s uterus is ready for implantation when the donor eggs are retrieved and fertilized. Once synchronized the donor takes medicine to stimulate growth and to mature the group of eggs. Then they are further monitored by ultrasound, and blood tests for the next 10-14 days, till the eggs are ready to be retrieved.
    Searching for best egg donation centers nearby? Remember to book an appointment with us at Vatsalya for healthy eggs and egg donor treatment in Nepal.
  • Embryo transfer and egg retrieval

    An egg retrieval is scheduled once the donor egg mature. The donor and your partner shall provide egg and sperm donation on the very day of egg retrieval for the insemination of the eggs. After three days we transfer it to the uterus. For donor embryo success rates, we typically recommend transferring one or two embryos from the donor cycle. The transfer of a single embryo reduces the risk of getting twins and inclines the donor egg IVF success.
  • Post retrieval checkup

    The donor after taking up IVF egg donation treatment at Vatsalya, would need to return for a post-retrieval checkup. Recipients will have a pregnancy test two weeks after the embryo transfer via a blood test that measures the hCG level. The egg donor price may differ from individual to individual as female suffering from medical issues needs extra precaution, repeated treatment for a successful egg donor treatment.

Remember In-Vitro with donor egg is possible, for those who previously faced repeated failure in traditional IVF with their own eggs. Approaching for egg donation nearby? Contact Vatsalya for a more reliable egg donor treatment service. 

Donor egg IVF success rates

The success rate for donor egg IVF is nearly 55 percent for fresh embryo transfer and donor egg success rates over 45 percent for frozen donor eggs. The success rates vary from clinic to clinic analyzing the case of egg sharing with another infertile couple. The donor egg IVF procedure follows the same method of normal IVF treatment. We can presume success with donor eggs even at 43 years of age for an infertile female. The donor egg IVF cost depends on the condition and situation of the patients, for in case faced with certain abnormalities the price may increase. 

Risk and side effects of egg donor treatment

The risk associated with ovum donation IVF treatment is extremely low. The medications and donor egg IVF process involved in the treatment is the same one used for IVF treatment and carries the same risk. Egg donation IVF success rates are high with the occurrence of no serious issue, but few women after fertility egg donation may experience bleeding after doctor inserts needle in their ovary. Slight chances of incurring infection following the removal of eggs.

Severe cases may require hospitalization with symptoms including:

  • Rapid weight gain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain

An individual not willing to take up IVF through donor egg may go for conventional IVF with their own eggs, use an embryo donor, pursue donation or choose a child-free life. 

Deciding to use ovum donation? It is surely a wonderful experience for couples who had given up the idea of becoming parents. Vatsalya, helps the infertile couple experience parenthood, for more information on egg donor treatment please contact us!

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