Advanced Ultrasound

One stop fertility evaluation using advanced ultrasound technology

Fertility potential may not be the same for all the couple. A female and her partner who experience difficulties in conceiving naturally are always on an eager lookout for an efficient, and effective method to evaluate their fertility status or proceed with the fertility treatment. An advanced ultrasound test is capable, and safe congenital means to examine fertility potentiality.

For identifying the root end of infertility, ultrasonographic imaging assesses the causes of infertility and the suitability to implement IVF treatments. Ultimately ultrasound improves the quality offered by assisted reproductive technologies (ART) by facilitating diagnosis and rapid change in reproductive physiology as needed during the therapy. Hence, imaging with high transvaginal sonography gives a clear knowledge of the female reproductive health. 

The ultrasound test (USG test) can also be used for figuring out the infertility signs in the fallopian tube- that connects the womb and ovaries such as blockage and traveling of eggs in the fallopian tubes. If the USG test suggests any of the possible blockages than the experts might further suggest for laparoscopy.

An ultrasound test carries nominal risks. It uses no radiation, so it is the most preferred method for examining the infertility reasons or the developing fetus after IVF treatment. The cost of an ultrasound test in Nepal varies on the underlying issues of the patient. Therefore, personal consultation with a gynecologist is a must to understand the requirements of the ultrasound test.

Ultrasound clinic in Kathmandu & its services

Most of the Kathmandu ultrasound clinics are dedicated to offering abdominal ultrasound services. But Vatsalya offers fertility centric ultrasound in Kathmandu, which is reliable, and accurate for treating infertility and predicting the future prospects of IVF treatment. The ultrasound test service devoted are:

1. Pelvic Ultrasound Scan

A pelvic sonography test is a popular form of ultrasound used to monitor the status of fetus and embryo during pregnancy. Alongside this the ultrasound scan determines the health position of uterus, ovaries reserve, prostate gland, and bladder.

Pelvic ultrasound scan is often used to diagnose the cause and its conditions such as:

  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Pelvic pain
  • Bladder and kidney stones
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterus and ovarian cancer
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Menstrual issues

2. Obstetric Ultrasound

The obstetric scan uses a special kind of sound waves to ascertain the embryo or fetus condition in a pregnant woman. It is performed after a few clinical indications such as:

  • To assess the position of placenta and fetus.
  • To diagnose multiple pregnancies.
  • To identify congenital abnormalities.
  • To estimate the age of the pregnancy.
  • To develop the presence of living fetus/ embryos.

3. Transvaginal Ultrasound

Also known as endovaginal ultrasound, the transvaginal scan (TVS) is used by the fertility experts to understand the female reproductive organ. This TVS ultrasound is an internal examination completed through the vagina, hence the TVS test is for female.

A transvaginal scan is performed for several reasons including:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Excessive or unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Infertility
  • Examine the uterine fibroids
  • IUD placement
  • Ectopic pregnancy

For a pregnant woman, the fertility experts may recommend anomaly scan to:

  • Examine the placentae or fetus for abnormalities.
  • Identify the root cause of abnormal bleeding.
  • Diagnose possible miscarriage.
  • Check the heartbeat of the fetus.
  • Confirm an early pregnancy.
  • Examine the cervix for changes that can possibly lead to miscarriage or early delivery.

The ultrasound price in Nepal for TVS is affordable at Vatsalya. Without hesitation, the couple can book the transvaginal scan and get an instant report for the further fertility test.

4. Doppler Fetal Monitoring

Doppler Fetal ultrasound test is typically done on the third trimester of pregnancy, only if the mother is inherited with any diabetic disease.  High-frequency sound waves are bounced to the circulating blood cells to measure blood pressure and to determine the blood supply in the womb.

5. Four-dimensional (4 D) ultrasound scan

The 4-D ultrasound test records the fetus’s movement and creates a standard image of the baby offering an overall development report.

Wandering on finding the best 4 D ultrasound near me? Well, Vatsalya, is here at your rescue. The IVF clinic has the advanced ultrasound technologies which give answers to your every undefined infertility question.

Preparation for the Ultrasound test

For the fertility treatment, the physician may advise taking fast for eight to 12 hours, especially if the abdominal area is scanned. But if the TVS scan test is undertaken than one may be asked to take a fat- free meal and drink sufficient water to make the urine bladder full for better visualization.

Before attending the sonography test, reveal the prescribed medicines, or herbal supplements to the doctor. You may be given certain instructions or even asked to stop its intake before the exam.

Requirements of ultrasound test after IVF treatment

During pregnancy, a female has to frequently go through usg ultrasound test.  Couple searching for accuracy and reliable ultrasound clinic in Kathmandu can take an appointment with Vatsalya. The fertility clinic is equipped with high tvs scan gears offering quick and accurate usg test reports.  Here are a few ultrasound tests one might expect on their pregnancy stage:

a. First Trimester Pregnancy (6-8 weeks)

The ultrasound test taken in this stage is known as a sonogram. When a female is 6 weeks pregnant, ultrasound test is undertaken to evaluate the early possibilities of a risky pregnancy. This includes miscarriage, bleeding or abdominal pain.

A woman when she is 7 weeks pregnant, ultrasound test is recommended to get a clear picture of the baby. TVS ultrasound in Nepal is executed by experienced Gynecologists, who shall place a transducer probe. The thin wand transmits high-frequency sound waves through the uterus to vagina, which shall rebound and reflects the image of the growing baby.

At 8 weeks pregnancy, it’s possible to listen and feel baby’s heartbeat, so when a woman is 8 weeks pregnant, ultrasound is advised to keep track of baby’s heart rate, track milestones, predict baby’s due date, the number of babies inside a mother womb and examine the cases of tubal pregnancy. The ultrasound cost in Nepal after IVF is affordable at Vatsalya. You can get high-quality usg test, on-time report at a convenient price.

b. Second Trimester Pregnancy (9-13 weeks)

A couple who missed their first-trimester ultrasound test can go for the second-trimester sonography test. This gives mother a similar kind of information on the 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound report: due date, number of babies in the womb, and the fetal heartbeat. However, females on their 12 weeks pregnant ultrasound test, can figure out baby’s crown-rump length.

c. Third Trimester Pregnancy (14-20 weeks)

In between 14-20 weeks, the nuchal translucency (NT) scan to analyze the chromosome abnormalities and down syndrome. Females have conceived after the age of 35 years or above are highly encouraged to take NT scan to detect potential problems of family history or birth defects. Medics may ask for the blood test report, ovarian reserve testing, AMH reports, therefore, NT scan cost may be more than average cost.  If the mother is suffering from high blood pressure, low levels of amniotic fluid, preterm contractions than doctors may perform low-resolution congenital anomaly scan. The anomaly scan cost depends on the patient’s pregnancy stature and on the gynecologist requirement.

Searching for the best ultrasound clinic near me? Well, Vatsalya is just a few doors away from your residence which has the latest built technologies for an ultrasound test in Kathmandu. Hence, you can get a more relevant outcome from the USG test at a reasonable price.

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