From Challenges to Triumph: The Impact of IVF in Nepal is Impeccable

2024-07-18 1811

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Every stage of life comes with its own joys and challenges, but for some people, one of the most cherished dreams remains elusive: to have a child of their own, and to share the bond of parenthood with their partner. However, this dream is shattered by the cruel reality of infertility, a condition that affects about 13-15% of couples in Nepal. Instead of rejoicing in the miracle of a new life, they are trapped in a cycle of despair and frustration. The people they love the most, their family and friends, become a source of pain and pressure, as they constantly remind them of their unfulfilled desire. Seeking modern treatment like IVF in Nepal is not an option for many of them, either because of the lack of awareness, the social stigma, or the financial constraints. They are forced to hide their struggle and suffer in silence, while hoping for a miracle.

Many couples in Nepal who face infertility problems often resort to religious beliefs, local healers, and other social practices, hoping to find a solution. They waste many precious years of their reproductive life, following rituals, superstitions, and myths, instead of seeking scientific treatment. However, delaying treatment can be challenging for IVF treatment, as the chances of success decrease with age, especially for women.

IVF can be a helpful option for many couples in Nepal, as it can overcome various causes of infertility, such as blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, endometriosis, or unexplained infertility. IVF can also help couples who have genetic disorders, or who want to avoid passing on certain diseases to their children. IVF can give hope to many couples who have lost hope of having a child of their own.

Why IVF in Nepal is considered as Promising Option?

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a process that can help many infertile couples in Nepal achieve their dream of having a child. IVF in Nepal can offer several benefits, such as:

  • It can help people plan babies at their desired time, by allowing them to freeze their eggs or sperm for future use.
  • It can be helpful for career-oriented people who want to postpone parenthood, such as those going abroad for a job, or those involved in modeling, acting, or other important roles.
  • It can be helpful for cancer-affected people who want to preserve their fertility before undergoing treatments that may damage their reproductive organs.
  • It can overcome various causes of infertility, such as blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, endometriosis, or unexplained infertility.

Besides, the patients can avoid the hurdles of language barrier, living expense, and legal issues that they may face if they had to get treatment abroad. Vatsalya Natural IVF has also been an economical option for Nepalese living abroad, who can plan for holidays and get IVF treatment in Nepal as Vatsalya Natural IVF is the ultimate destination for comprehensive infertility solutions.

IVF Price in Nepal

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a fertility treatment that can help many infertile couples in Nepal achieve their dream of having a child. However, IVF is not a cheap procedure, and it can be a financial burden for some people.

The average cost of a single IVF cycle in Nepal ranges from NPR 250,000 to NPR 350,000, which is approximately USD 2,100 to USD 3,000. This cost includes the initial consultation, monitoring of the ovulation cycle, egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer. Compared to other countries, such as the USA, UK, or Australia, where the cost of IVF can be as high as USD 15,000, Nepal is a cheaper destination for IVF treatment.

However, the cost of IVF can still be a challenge for many people, especially if they need multiple cycles or additional services. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead and manage your funds wisely. There are different ways in which you can save money for IVF, such as opening a recurring deposit or a fixed deposit account, where you can earn interest on your savings. You can also look for alternative sources of income, such as freelancing, online work, or selling your skills or products.

However, before you start saving for IVF, you should consult a fertility specialist and get a fertility analysis done. This will help you determine the cause of your infertility, the best treatment option for you, and the chances of success. A fertility analysis can also help you avoid unnecessary expenses and delays, and increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

How can Vatsalya Natural IVF be the best Destination of IVF in Nepal?

If you are looking for the best destination for IVF treatment in Nepal, you should consider Vatsalya Natural IVF, a leading fertility clinic that offers comprehensive and affordable solutions for infertile couples. Vatsalya Natural IVF has several key highlights that make it stand out from other IVF centers, such as:

  • It has the highest success rate of IVF in Nepal, with over 70% of positive pregnancy tests results every month.
  • It has a dynamic team of infertility specialists, who have over 15 years of global expertise and exposure and trained in the latest techniques and protocol.
  • It has state-of-the-art facilities, including an advanced embryology lab led by renowned Embryologist, a well-equipped operation theatre, and a comfortable recovery room.
  • It provides individualized care and support to each patient, taking into account their medical history, physical condition, emotional needs, and financial situation.
  • It offers various treatment options and packages to suit different budgets, such as natural IVF, minimal stimulation IVF, conventional IVF, and donor IVF.
  • It follows ethical and transparent practices, adhering to the legal framework and guidelines of Nepal that allow assisted reproductive technologies.
  • Besides treatment, it focuses on providing best experience during the treatment process. Many couples have expressed that Vatsalya has become more than a clinic but a family to them.

Vatsalya Natural IVF is the ultimate destination for comprehensive infertility solutions in Nepal, where you can experience the profound love of parenthood with the help of cutting-edge technology and compassionate care.

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